A Thief Catcher

A Thief Catcher (1914)
8 min|Comedy| 19 February 1914
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The Keystone Cops pursue a thief.
A stealer CATCHER, 1st and foremost, may be a showcase for its star Ford Sterling, World Health Organization may be a precocious and under-appreciated comedian. Sterling’s thrives within the film—which embody at one purpose obtaining his own fingers inextricably entwined like they were notional "Chinese handcuffs"—had the audience howling. within the film, Sterling may be a rural peace officer (or a minimum of is carrying a sheriff's badge—some subtitles might are deleted from the reissue print that will justify his precise status) World Health Organization lands up being command captive in a very shack by a trio of what ar represented within the title as "yeggmen" (an previous phrase for safecrackers or burglars). the primary yeggman is compete by a shaven waterproof lover (in a newsboys cap and sweater). The second yeggman, World Health Organization holds Sterling prisoner by gun muzzle in a very shack, is King of Great Britain Kennedy—sporting a thick black "Italian" moustache, increased eyebrows and a well-past-5:00 shadow of a beard. The third yeggman is compete by Bill Hauber, however he's knocked down a hill before the arrival at the shack (Hauber later turns up as a cop).

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