Adventures of Captain Marvel

Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941)
Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941)
3h 36min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy | 28 March 1941
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To protect a magic talisman from being used for evil, a teenage boy named Billy Batson is given the power to become an adult superhero, Captain Marvel, with a single magic word: "Shazam!"
During associate degree archaeological expedition to Siam's volcanic vale of the Tombs to seek out the lost secret of the Scorpion Kingdom, a tool of world power, the Golden Scorpion, is discovered hidden within a sealed sepulcher. whereas examining it, the device's quartz lenses area unit aligned and powerful energy beam erupts, inflicting associate degree explosion, resealing the sepulcher. this permits young radio broadcaster and expedition member Billy Batson, WHO obeyed the warning on the crypt's seal to not enter, to be chosen by the traditional wizard Shazam. The wizard grants Billy the powers of Captain Marvel whenever he repeats the wizard's name. Captain Marvel's powers is used solely to guard those in peril from the curse of the Golden Scorpion. The crypt's entrance is quickly cleared, then Captain Marvel utters "Shazam!" and quickly resumes his Billy Batson friend.
The Golden Scorpion's power lenses area unit divided among the scientists of the Malcolm archaeological Expedition so its power will solely be employed by agreement of the whole cluster, WHO then come back to the U. S. once their discovery. associate degree all-black-garbed-and-hooded criminal mastermind, line of work himself the Scorpion, steals the traditional device once their come back and sets concerning effort the distributed lenses. many expedition members area unit killed within the Scorpion's quest, despite Captain Marvel's continual efforts to thwart his set up. Deducing that the Scorpion forever appears to understand what happens throughout the scientists' conferences, Billy later confides to his friends, Betty Wallace and White spud, his suspicion that the Scorpion could also be one in all the Malcolm archaeological team.
Discovering that one in all the Golden Scorpion's power lenses was advisedly left behind, smartly hidden within the terribly sepulcher wherever it absolutely was initial discovered, Billy Batson and therefore the extant scientists agree it should be retrieved. They come back by cargo vessel to Thailand wherever, close to landfall, they barely survive a hurricane before finally being saved by Captain Marvel. They eventually retrieve the hidden lens, however it's purloined by the Scorpion. inadvertently, from a distance, the Scorpion observes Captain Marvel reworking into Billy Batson. Capturing Billy and gagging him, the Scorpion interrogates him concerning his secret. Billy's tape gag is removed once he agrees to speak. "Shazam"! is his solely response, and he transforms in an exceedingly flash of sunshine and smoke into Captain Marvel. The Scorpion's identity is then discovered to be one in all the last extant scientists, WHO is killed by a Siamese native WHO turns the idol's ray on him, vaporizing him.
Captain Marvel tosses the Golden Scorpion and its power lenses into a volcano's melted volcanic rock to stop them from ever being employed for evil. Upon its destruction, Captain Marvel is instantly reworked into Billy Batson forever, the danger from the device's curse having currently been eliminated.

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