Albela (1951)
Albela (1951)
2h 38min | Drama, Musical, Romance | 7 April 1956
6.6Rating: 6.6 / 10 from 59 usersMetascore: N/A
Raju lives as a derelict as a results of being alienated from his bitter father, an area decide, UN agency threw Raju's mother out of the house years past. Raju shacks up with a dakoit (pickpocket bandit) as his surrogate father solely to comprehend that the person is really chargeable for the first misunderstanding between his folks. Raju kills him, and so tries killing his father, but fails, is in remission, and is taken to court right before his terribly own father, UN agency presides there because the decide. Raju has his childhood girlfriend as his personal representative, and therefore the incumbrance is currently on his father, UN agency should pass judgment while not showing any personal sentiment.
Day-dreamer and creator, Pyarelal, lives a poor manner in metropolis together with his retired dad; lady of the house mom; married brother, Mohan and his married person, Malti; and unwedded sister, Vimla. it's currently time for Vimla to urge married, her dada has saved cardinal Rupees, whereas Mohan has created arrangements for 6 hundred additional, and Pyarelal is asked to rearrange for four hundred. Instead Pyarelal brings home 100 rupees, informing his family that he has been pink-slipped from his job, and can be unable to lift any further cash. associate argument ensues, and Pyarelal is asked to go away. He leaves, swearing solely to come once he's a noted and man of means. He meets with pretty role player, Asha, each fall gaga with one another, and he starts acting within the theater, and achieves fast success. He starts causation cash and gifts home to his folks, and hopes that they're going to be happy together with his success. Then someday once he feels that he has achieved his success, he returns home - solely to search out out that the money and gifts he has been causation home area unit missing; his female parent has passed away; his dada and sister area unit missing, believed to be beggary within the streets; his sister's wedding has been canceled; his brother cannot support himself; and his in-law, contains a dark deep secret that she cannot tell anyone.

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