Awaara (1951)
Awaara (1951)
1h 29min | Drama, Musical, Romance | 7 April 1956
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Raju lives as a derelict as a results of being alienated from his bitter father, an area decide, UN agency threw Raju's mother out of the house years past. Raju shacks up with a dakoit (pickpocket bandit) as his surrogate father solely to comprehend that the person is really chargeable for the first misunderstanding between his folks. Raju kills him, and so tries killing his father, but fails, is in remission, and is taken to court right before his terribly own father, UN agency presides there because the decide. Raju has his childhood girlfriend as his personal representative, and therefore the incumbrance is currently on his father, UN agency should pass judgment while not showing any personal sentiment.
Judge Raghunath may be a affluent district choose UN agency convicts Jagga, a person whose father was a criminal, of rape, on very little proof. The choose believes that "good folks area unit born to sensible folks, and criminals area unit born to criminals." Jagga later escapes and kidnaps the judge's married woman Leela for revenge. once he finds out that she has simply become pregnant, he releases her once four days and plans a unique reasonably revenge. Leela's name is unclean by suspicions that she was unfaithful to her husband and also the choose throws her out of the house, rejecting her pleas that the kid is his.
She features a son, Raj, and that they sleep in financial condition as a results of being unloved from the daddy. As a child, dominion befriends Rita at school, however he's aloof from the varsity rolls whereas making an attempt to keep up employment as shoe shine, and Rita moves to a different town. One day, dominion meets Jagga, UN agency convinces him to adopt a lifetime of petty crime so as to save lots of his starving mother. dominion grows up into a gifted criminal, stepping into and out of short stays in jail, and dealing for Jagga's gang, whereas his mother is below the impression that he's associate degree honest businessperson. dominion ne'er forgets Rita, keeping her birthday image in his home, tho' he worries that she would dislike him if she knew what reasonably man he has fully grown into.
While designing a bank theft along with his friends, dominion realizes they have associate degree automobile. He snatches a woman's purse once she steps out of the automotive, however finds no keys, and pretends to pursue the malefactor to unharness suspicion from himself. once his elaborate act, he returns the purse to the lady, UN agency is charmed by his temperament and apparent selflessness. Later, once dominion with success steals a automotive, he hides from the police during a mansion wherever he meets constant lady from before. Seeing constant birthday image, dominion realises that she is his faculty friend Rita. Rita tries to raise dominion however things have gone since school time, however he jokingly hints that he's a malefactor, and she or he decides to not raise additional. Rita is currently a ward of the choose, UN agency suspects that the new man in her life is not any sensible. As dominion and Rita fall crazy, he starts needing to regress from crime and worries that Rita won't settle for him thanks to his modus vivendi. Rita still tells him that she does not care concerning his past, as she loves him regardless of wherever he comes from.
Raj tries to quit his lifetime of crime to figure at a manufacturer, however his employers hearth him once they determine that he was a malefactor. Rita invitations him to her celebration, to the disapproval of the choose, UN agency believes that the impoverished dominion should return from a foul family. basic cognitive process the humiliation he felt as a baby once he couldn't afford a present for Rita's birthday, dominion goes back to Jagga for a cash loan. Jagga mocks his makes an attempt to reform and asks him to commit additional crimes. dominion refuses however finishes up stealing a jewelry from a person on the road, not knowing the person was the choose. At Rita's birthday, once dominion provides her a jewelry while not a case and also the choose provides her a case while not a jewelry (he didn't realise it had been taken till then), she discovers that dominion is so a malefactor. Rita goes to Raj's mother and learns his whole history. She decides that dominion isn't dangerous, however was forced into committing crimes by dangerous influence and also the desperation of living in financial condition. dominion is penitent, still basic cognitive process he's no sensible for her, however she forgives him.
Raj goes to the choose to raise if he will marry Rita, however the choose continues to be stubborn and turns him away. Meanwhile, Jagga and also the gang commit the bank theft, however it goes wrong and that they have to be compelled to run from the police. Jagga hides in Raj's house, wherever Leela acknowledges him and he attacks her. dominion enters and fights him off, killing Jagga in self-defence. dominion goes unproved for Jagga's death, wherever choose Raghunath is deciding the decision. Rita persuades him that dominion acted in self-defence and is innocent. once Leela involves the courthouse, she sees Raghunath and chases once him however is stricken by a automotive. Rita collects the testimony from Leela within the hospital, and later dominion is allowed to go to her. Leela tells dominion that the choose is his father and asks her son to forgive him. however dominion becomes angrier at the choose for creating him and his mother suffer. He escapes from jail and tries to kill the choose for revenge, however is stopped by Rita. thanks to these actions, dominion is dropped at another court and is defended by Rita, UN agency reveals the complete truth to court. dominion chooses to not defend his actions and says that he's a foul man. He asks the court to not think about him, however the uncountable alternative kids UN agency become older in financial condition and find yourself turning to crime as a result of elite doesn't care concerning them. whereas he awaits his execution, dominion is visited by choose Raghunath, UN agency finally accepts that dominion is his son and tearfully asks for forgiveness. In the end, dominion is spared execution however sentenced to three years in jail for his crime. He guarantees that once obtaining discharged, he can reform himself for Rita, UN agency guarantees to attend for him.

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