Mabel's Strange Predicament

Mabel's Strange Predicament (1914)
17 min|Comedy| 9 February 1914
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In a building lobby associate blind drunk Charlie runs into a chic girl, gets tied hup in her dog's leash, and falls down. He later runs into her within the building passageway, barred out of her space. They run through varied rooms. Mabel lands up in one in all associate aged husband wherever she hides below the bed. Enter the jealous adult female and Mabel's lover.
Mabel's Strange plight could be a 1914 film star Mabel Normand and comic, directed by Normand. during this film Mabel could be a well-fixed woman (if her masquerade costume is any indication) UN agency is staying at a building along with her betrothed. Mabel has additionally brought on her dog, and once she happens to step outside the door to her sleeping room in her pajamas, the dog pushes the door shut, going away her at bay outside. A afraid Mabel then dives into the other area and hides from the inhabitant, a husband whose married person has gone off to complain regarding all the noise Mabel has been creating.
This ten-minute short, one in every of a whole lot created by Keystone Studios throughout this era, is remembered these days because the initial on-screen look of Chaplin's painting character, The Tramp. it had been the second film for comic, the new rent at Keystone, whose debut film creating a Living had been a disappointment. Versions of the story dissent, however apparently comic a lot of or less on the spot fictitious the character of the Tramp—bowler hat, small coat and vest, outsized pants and shoes, and rattan. By the top of 1914, comic had appeared within the costume in over thirty films and become an enormous star. He would wear that very same costume in nearly each film he created for successive twenty two years.

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