Making a living

Making a living (1914)
13 min|Comedy|2 February 1914
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An out-of-work chiseler takes employment as a newsman. when witnessing a automotive re-examine geological formation, he grabs a rival reporter's camera and races to the newspaper workplace to enter the photograph as his own. His rival is delayed once he gets caught in a very woman's sleeping room by her jealous husband. The chiseler follows the distribution of the paper containing his 'scoop' around city wherever he's once more hunted person by the rival newsman. each find yourself on the cow-catcher of a self-propelled vehicle.
This typical Keystone slapstick comedy was Charlie Chaplin's introduction on film. associate degree English person (Chaplin) cons a newspaper newsperson (Henry Lehrman) out of some cash. The English person flirts with a missy WHO later seems to be the reporter's girlfriend, and therefore the newsperson and therefore the English person fight. Later, the English person talks his manner into employment at an equivalent newspaper wherever the newsperson works. once the newsperson takes some photos of associate degree automobile accident because it happens, the newsperson and therefore the Keystone Kops facilitate the motive force, and therefore the English person steals the photos. He rushes them back to the paper, and that they square measure straightaway place within the latest edition. The newswriter catches up with him, and that they begin fighting within the street, and therefore the film ends as a self-propelled vehicle frame sweeps them up. movie maker is barely recognizable during this film, sporting a lense, a top hat, and a walrus mustache. whereas this costume had been employed in his stage appearances, he quickly realised that it had been not acceptable for a movie comedian. He would devise his illustrious costume of the tramp in his next film Mabel's Strange plight. movie maker was sad once he saw the finished film as a result of several of the gags that he had performed had been cut out by Lehrman, the director. However, this can be typical of macintosh Sennett's Keystone comedies, wherever there's a great deal of running around and fighting, and not a great deal of funny gags.

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