Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)
1h 57min | Adventure, Fantasy | 25 November 1987
8.1Rating: 8.1 / 10 from 131,923 usersMetascore: N/A
Warrior and pacifist blue blood Nausicaä urgently struggles to forestall 2 unpeaceful nations from destroying themselves and their dying planet.
Charlie, a café/dancehall waiter, impersonates an overseas VIP at a party in amorous pursuit of a society woman (Mabel Normand). His true identity is disclosed once the society lady and a celebration of her friends continue a 'slumming' expedition at the restaurant wherever Charlie waits tables. Exposed and rejected, Charlie’s chaotic comeuppance concludes the comedy. The state of affairs of this two-reel comedy, and maybe a number of the direction, was shared by filmmaker with Normand. this can be one in every of the few filmmaker comedies that contains pie throwing; a favourite Keystone device. filmmaker would explore in larger depth the comedy’s thematic ideas—particularly category variations and also the lowly person aiming to the next life—in several of his resulting films. things and themes from this film would be reworked for The Count (1916), The edifice (1916), The Idle category (1921), and contemporary world (1936) and Chaplin’s use of a canine companion resurfaces within the Champion (1915) and A Dog’s Life (1918).

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