Tango Tangles

Tango Tangles (1914)
12 min|Comedy| 9 March 1914
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Out of costume, Charlie may be a well-shaven dandy World Health Organization, somewhat drunk, visits a room. There the wardrobe lady has 3 rival admirers: the band leader, one amongst the musicians, and currently Charlie.
Tango Tangles may be a 1914 yank film comedy short prima Charles comic and Roscoe Arbuckle. The action takes place in an exceedingly room, with a sottish comic, Ford Sterling, and also the immense, menacing, and active Arbuckle fighting over a lady. The supporting solid conjointly options metropolis Conklin and Minta Durfee. the image was written, directed and made by film producer for Keystone Studios and distributed by Mutual Film Corporation.
In Tango Tangles, comic seems while not makeup and his usual moustache, saggy pants, and outsized shoes. The film was shot at a room with none form of formal script. film producer, in his 1954 life story King of Comedy, aforementioned of the impromptu nature of Tango Tangles, "We took comic, [Ford] Sterling, [Roscoe] Arbuckle and [Chester] Conklin to a room, turned them loose, and pointed a camera at them. They created funny, which was it." Tango Tangles marked the last time that Ford Sterling and comic appeared within the same film. Sterling had set to go away Keystone wherever he had gained most of his fame because the chief of the Keystone Cops.

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