The Star Boarder

The Star Boarder (1914)
The Star Boarder (1914)
16min | Comedy | 4 April 1914
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A brat's slide projector show exposes Associate in Nursing talkative moment between a landlord and her star boarder.
Charlie, a resident in a very boarding house, is that the favorite of his landlord's partner. His fellow male boarders square measure jealous of things and dislike Charlie as a result of it. They attempt to frighten him with a dummy. Charlie is frightened a runs to the police. Meanwhile, a tramp has hidden himself in a very cabinet. The police realize him, creating Charlie a hero for the instant. The mischievous young son of the owner, however, has taken a series of compromising pictures and displays them to everybody in a very slide projector show. 2 scandals square measure revealed: One picture shows Charlie arousal the proprietor's partner. Another shows the man of affairs coquetry with another lady.
The young son was contend by Gordon filmmaker. Four years later filmmaker would play the young title character within the initial film adaptation of Tarzan of the Apes.

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