Twenty Minutes of Love

Twenty Minutes of Love (1914)
Twenty Minutes of Love (1914)
20min | Comedy | 20 April 1914
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Charlie is hanging around within the park, finding issues with a jealous wooer, a person World Health Organization thinks that Charlie has robbed him a watch, a law officer and even a touch boy, all as a result of our friend cannot stop snooping.
Chaplin’s 1st tentative effort at each story and direction (whether partial or complete direction is subject to speculation) could be a straightforward park comedy. movie maker recalled in his biography that he created the film in an exceedingly single afternoon. The Tramp’s 1st scene is memorable: upon seeing some smooching on a bench, Charlie parodies their ardor by grasp a tree. On another bench, a girl demands a gift as proof of her fiancĂ©’s love. the person (Chester Conklin) steals a watch as his gift. Charlie manages to obtain the watch from the stealer and presents it to the girl himself. Their toying and therefore the possession of the watch creates bedlam within the park with everybody however Charlie and therefore the woman ending up in Westlake Park lake. movie maker recalled in his biography however straightforward very little tunes gave him the image for his comedies. For Twenty Minutes of affection 'full of cough stuff and nonsense in parks, with policemen and nursemaids, I weaved in and out of things to the tune of ‘Too a lot of Mustard,’ a preferred ballroom dancing [sic] in 1914.' movie maker could also be touching on story or gags. Chaplin’s claim to each story and direction is supported by the very fact that he came to an equivalent premise the subsequent year with within the Park (1915).

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